• 7 DECEMBER 2021
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Creativity from Strong and Flexible Vinilon Pipe

Don’t underestimate someone’s creativity because with the ideas they have anything can be made. One of them is the variety of creativity that can be made from strong and flexible Vinilon Pipes. Vinilon pipes and their pipe fitting accessories are available in various shapes and sizes. However, it turns out that Vinilon Pipes are not only for water channels but can be made with various creativity that can be useful and make your life easier. Let’s see what can be made from Vinilon Pipe!

  • Percussion Instruments

You can make a percussion instrument from a strong and flexible vinilon pipe. This percussion can also be combined with other musical instruments to produce distinctive music.

  • Hydroponics

For those of you who want to garden but have limited land or want to garden practically, making hydroponics from Vinilon pipes can be one solution.

  • Lego

It turns out that lego or children’s toys can also be made from vinilon pipes, so it’s even more fun to spend time with your children at home.


  • Subsea Pipe

The economic sector also depends on the use of marine space! One of them is an underwater pipeline network using Vinilon Pipes to flow fluids through underwater piping installations.

  • Water Turbine

Vinilon pipes can also be made into water turbines, which are rotating machines that take kinetic energy from the flow of water. It can even be used to generate electricity.

  • Shower

A strong and flexible Vinilon pipe can be used as a water shower to drain the clean water you need every day.

  • Drones

An innovation that can be made from strong and flexible Vinilon pipes to make drones that can be useful and make your activities easier.

  • Radio

You can also make a radio from a strong and flexible Vinilon pipe, you can even use this radio as a prop for those of you who like to dance or dance.

  • Camera Stabilizer

You can make a camera stabilizer from strong and flexible Vinilon Pipe. And of course this is very useful for those of you who like photo or video hunting.

It turns out that the creativity that we have can produce many benefits for life. Let’s be a strong and flexible generation with Vinilon who can always adapt to all the changes that occur in life. So who dares to try to make creativity from strong and flexible Vinilon Pipe?