• 9 JULY 2021
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Creative Ideas from Vinilon Pipe

Vinilon pipes not only flow water throughout Indonesia, but can also be used as DIY projects that can be useful and beautify your home. Vinilon PVC pipe at an affordable price, as well as its easy to cut, paint, glue and shape make this pipe perfect for those of you who like DIY (Do It Yourself). Here are some examples of creative ideas from Vinilon pipes to beautify your home.


Stuff Storage

If you or your kids like to make art or crafts, use Vinilon PVC tubing to store tools or utensils so they’re easy to pick up and look neater.



You can make a bookshelf from a series of Vinilon PVC pipes to store books or magazines at home. The bookshelf can also be created as desired so that the shape and color are attractive as desired.


Shoe Rack

Take advantage of Vinilon PVC tubing to store shoes. Design according to shoe size and you can decorate or paint it as you wish. Storage bins like this can save space and make your shoe collection look neat.


Flower Vase

To beautify your home, you can make a flower vase from a series of PVC Vinilon pipes. This flower vase can be displayed in the living room or corner of your house to make it look beautiful and eye catching.


This DIY project using Vinilon PVC pipes can be done at home with children and family. While spending time with your family, of course you can also produce useful items and make your home more beautiful and tidy.