• 15 JUNE 2021
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Covid-19 Vaccination Program at Vinilon Group

The Covid-19 Vaccination Program is already running, employees from various companies have undergone it. This is important in order to suppress the transmission of coronavirus and face-to-face work activities in the office run smoothly.

On June 14, 2021, Vinilon Group conducted vaccinations for all its employees located in Vinilon Building, Central Jakarta. It is hoped that by providing vaccinations for all vinilon group employees can reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus in office clusters.

Although it has been implemented Covid-19 vaccination but the application of health protocols should not be loose. We must continue to implement and execute the 6M movement, that is:

  1. Wearing a mask
  2. Washing hands
  3. Keep the distance
  4. Stay away from the crowd
  5. Restrict mobility
  6. Carry out vaccinations

Protect yourself, protect your surroundings, support the Covid-19 vaccination program!