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  • 27 JULY 2022
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Clean Your Kitchen Equipment Based on The Material

Sobat Vini must be using various kinds of cooking utensils in the kitchen, right? Starting from frying pans, pans, spatulas, cutting boards, and so on. Having clean and sterile kitchen utensils is a must. Because clean kitchen utensils are very crucial to determine the hygiene and quality of processed food. Instead of serving hygienic food, dirty cooking utensils will actually carry germs and bacteria in them.

Tips for Washing Kitchen Stuff by Sobat Vini

However, did you know that the different materials for kitchen utensils have different ways to clean them? In order to avoid the wrong steps to clean it, let’s look at some tips to clean your kitchen utensils according to the material!


1. Stainless Steel

Cleaning stainless steel kitchen utensils can be done with ordinary dish soap. However, kitchen utensils with this material must be cleaned immediately after use. The reason is, it will be easy to develop a crust on this type of material. If a crust appears, you can use a napkin with vinegar.


2. Copper

To wash kitchen utensils made of copper, you can do it with ordinary dish soap with warm water. You can rub it slowly until all the stains are lifted.


3. Wood

According to the US Department of Agriculture quoted from Kumpran.com, to clean wooden kitchen utensils can be done using anti-bacterial soap and hot water immediately after use. After that, Friend Vini can dry it with a cloth until the water from the laundry absorbs.


4. Ceramic

Now, ceramic kitchen utensils are widely preferred because the material is smooth, not sticky, so it doesn’t turn black easily. You can clean this type of equipment with warm soapy water using a soft sponge. If there is a sticky residue left, you can soak it first before washing it.


5. Non-stick skillet

Non-stick pans usually use marble, ceramic, or iron material topped with a non-stick coating. In the wrong care, this non-stick coating can peel off and be damaged. Therefore, to wash this type of kitchen utensils, it is not recommended to use a sponge or abrasive soap. Wash non-stick utensils using the softest sponge.


6. Cast iron

To clean cast iron kitchen utensils, you have to cool the temperature first, then soak them in warm water. After that, only Vini can clean it with a soft sponge and dish soap.