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  • 30 DECEMBER 2022
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Causes of Creative Ideas Appearing in the Bathroom

Have you ever found lots of creative ideas while in the bathroom? Have you ever suddenly thought of a myriad of ideas that you never thought of before when you weren’t in the bathroom? Looking for and finding a creative idea is sometimes not easy. Often times creative ideas appear precisely at unexpected moments.


According to a cognitive scientist Scott Barry Kaufman quoted from health.detik.com, 72% of humans get creative ideas in certain places, one of which is the bathroom. According to him, activities carried out in the bathroom can make it easier for humans to think so that ideas can flow smoothly and also be more creative.


Causes of Creative Ideas Often Appearing in the Bathroom


Creative ideas that come out when we are in the bathroom don’t just appear, there is an explanation and a reason for this. The following are reasons why creative ideas often arise when we are in the bathroom:

1. More relaxed

Activities that we do in the bathroom can make our bodies more relaxed and relaxed. Activities such as bathing, which consists of cleaning the body using soap or washing it using shampoo, can make us empty our minds in the middle of doing these activities.


An empty mind while doing these activities can make us more relaxed so that spontaneous & creative ideas emerge. The activity of soaking in the shower or standing under a warm shower can also make us relax which has an impact on the emergence of creative ideas.


2. Dopamine hormone

Launching from kompasiana.com, a well-known neurologist Alice Flaherty once researched the causes of the emergence of creative ideas in the bathroom. From the results of his research, the factor that triggers the emergence of creativity when humans are in the bathroom is the production of the hormone dopamine from the brain.


The hormone dopamine itself is a hormone that can improve mood so that we can feel happier. When a person feels happier, happier, and more relaxed, light distraction will disturb creative ideas in our subconscious. So according to Alice Flaherty, the more dopamine hormones are released, the more creative ideas that humans can think of.


3. Bathroom is a Conducive place

Did you know, Sobat Vini , that the bathroom is one of the most conducive places to calm down? Reporting from Ruangguru.com, a research conducted by Ron Friedman Daniel Pink, Gretchen Rubin, Adam Grant, Susan Cain and Scott Barry Kaufman said that bathroom conditions tend to be more conducive and comfortable so you can relax more so you can think freely in your mind. subconscious dream. It is these subconscious free daydreams that will later give rise to various creative ideas.


Those are some of the reasons why creative ideas often appear when we are in the bathroom. If you often come up with creative ideas, it’s a good idea to write them down too so you don’t forget. Even so, don’t spend too long in the bathroom so your time won’t be wasted!