• 23 FEBRUARY 2024
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Carrying the Spirit of Sustainability, VGTC Visits the Politeknik Negeri Jakarta (PNJ)

The excitement of Vinilon Goes To Campus (VGTC) returned to the Politeknik Negeri Jakarta (PNJ) last Tuesday (6/2). “Pipa Plastik, Pipa Masa Depan” is a routine theme VGTC presents at every campus visited. Plus, a series of exciting events will enliven VGTC on the PNJ campus. There was something special at VGTC this time: one of the 2015 mechanical engineering alums spoke that day, namely Muhammad Brahmana, Project Head of Vinilon Group, and Muhammad Ilham, Product Specialist of Vinilon Group.

Carrying the spirit of sustainability, VGTC introduces Vinilon to students through various events, from raising Vinilon to its different products, such as multiple types of Vinilon pipes, fittings, and accessories, to how to use and make house connections. With exciting presentations by the speakers, this event was very interactive, and PNJ students asked various questions. One of them is about sustainability.

Sustainability is one of the hotly discussed issues this year. To realize sustainability, Vinilon invites students to realize the importance of the piping system production process that promotes sustainability.

VGTC also opens up opportunities for the nation’s future generations to grow together. Opened by Benedictus Lucky, Recruitment Vinilon Group educates about getting into the world of work regarding tips on compiling a CV, taking psychological tests, stages in recruitment, and new vacancies and opportunities for PNJ students.

Before the event ended, VGTC also presented a game using Vinilon pipes, which the students participated in. For example, two games that invite students to try to assemble a complete house connection from the PE pipe and water meter to the tap stop and a game to remove the push connection on Vinilon using the release key, as previously presented by the Vinilon speaker. Through this game, students participate actively and get to know Vinilon products directly through exciting activities.

Through VGTC, Vinilon Group is committed to providing knowledge, experience, and new opportunities to the nation’s next generation so that they can grow into individuals who can contribute to building an Indonesia that prioritizes sustainability. Vinilon also plans for Vinilon Goes To Campus to continue regularly on various campuses throughout Indonesia. We look forward to our presence in your city!

Salam Vini