• 23 SEPTEMBER 2022
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#BhaktiVinilon: Support for SD Japanan 2 Mojokerto

Vinilon Group held Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by donating materials for the piping and sanitary systems at SD Japanan 2 Mojokerto. The materials donated to SD Japanan 2 Mojokerto include AW PVC pipes, various PVC fitting products, and BMLF water taps from Yuta Indonesia.


The materials donated by Vinilon Group to SD Japanan 2 Mojokerto will later be used to support the piping and sanitary systems for the construction of bathroom facilities and infrastructure at the school. #BhaktiVinilon is carried out with the hope that it can provide a sense of comfort for students when carrying out teaching and learning activities, encourage students’ motivation to study harder and seek knowledge, and accommodate a good sanitation system for all residents of SD Japanan 2 Mojokerto.


In a bigger mirror, Vinilon Group hopes that through this CSR activity, we can always contribute in supporting development and progress in Indonesia, especially in #BhaktiVinilon for an educational institution. Because we hope, Vinilon Group can realize a better Indonesia by creating a generation that is #KuatdanLentur.