BhaktiVinilon Persekolahan Katolik Nyarumkop
  • 17 NOVEMBER 2022
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#BhaktiVinilon for Persekolahan Katolik Nyarumkop Kalimantan Barat

Water is one of the most important and crucial natural resources on earth. For living things themselves, water is the essence of the ins and outs of life for all creatures. The reason is, almost all the daily basic needs of living things cannot be separated from water.


Because of the importance of the role of water for the needs of living things, especially humans, Vinilon Group carried out another  CSR program by providing #BhaktiVinilon for the Persekolahan Katolik Nyarumkop in West Kalimantan in the form of assistance for clean water installations. This #BhaktiVinilon is done as a tangible proof of Vinilon Group’s contribution to a better human life.


Condition at Kompleks Persekolahan Katolik Nyarumkop

The Persekolahan Katolik Nyarumkop in West Kalimantan itself is one of the oldest Catholic schools in Indonesia, which is more than a century old. However, the clean water network in the school complex is not yet adequate. To meet the need for clean water in a school complex consisting of several buildings, the school complex only relies on water sources and water reservoirs which, when it comes to dry season, it will disrupt the consistency of water flow, making it difficult for them to get clean water.


Not infrequently even during the rainy season, the water sources they rely on to get clean water experience obstacles such as blockages. This blockage is caused by the amount of dirt such as mud that covers the water source. As a result, the clean water from water sources does not flow and causes the residents of the school complex to find it difficult to meet their needs.


#BhaktiVinilon for Kompleks Persekolahan Katolik Nyarumkop

Based on the consideration of the obstacles experienced by residents of the Persekolahan Katolik Nyarumkop regarding clean water, Vinilon Group then provided #BhaktiVinilon assistance for clean water installations in school areas. Vinilon Group provides support in the form of assistance for PE Pipe products complete with connections for 36 unit points in schools which include elementary, junior high, high school, seminary, church, male dormitory, female dormitory, etc.


Not only product assistance, Vinilon Group also provides service assistance in this CSR project. Roy Tambunan as a Product Specialist who is also an expert from the Vinilon Group was sent directly to Singkawang, West Kalimantan to lead, supervise, and provide an on site training. The direct descent of experts from the Vinilon Group from the start of the CSR project to completion, is a form of the seriousness of the Vinilon Group in carrying out this project.


The #BhaktiVinilon project for the Persekolahan Katolik Nyarumkop which has been running for approximately 2 months has produced tangible results for the school complex residents in getting clean water. With a network of clean water installations that have now been built, now the supply of clean water for residents of thePersekolahan Katolik Nyarumkop will be more consistent and guaranteed. Novean Husni as Product Manager of the Vinilon Group who supervises the CSR program at the Persekolahan Katolik Nyarumkop stated that, with the benefits arising from the Vinilon Group CSR program, it is possible to establish cooperation in the form of other assistance that will be brought in.


Reflecting on the benefits felt by the community from Vinilon Group’s CSR activities, Novean said, in the future, Vinilon Group will continue to carry out this program, as a form of our dedication to the country.