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  • 11 NOVEMBER 2022
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Beware of Accidents in the Bathroom

Doing activities in the bathroom can indeed be a fun thing. After a day of activities and busy activities, cleaning yourself in the bathroom is refreshing and can be relaxing at the same time. However, this cannot rule out the possibility that activities in the bathroom can also cause various dangerous risks.

Reporting from the New York Times via cnn.com, according to records from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), every year there are about 235 people over the age of 15 who visit the hospital due to injuries after falling from the bathroom. Nearly 14% of them ended up being treated in hospital.


Causes of Accidents in the Bathroom

Same with other accidents, accidents in the bathroom until now continue to occur. Unfortunately, not many of us are aware of or pay more attention to the dangers of accidents that occur in the bathroom. In fact, the dangers posed by bathroom accidents can also be fatal, such as bruises, injuries, broken bones, and even death. To avoid unwanted things from happening, know the main causes of accidents in the bathroom as follows:


1. Wet floor

A wet bathroom floor with water will cause the tiles or bathroom tiles to become slippery. Slippery tiles will make it easy for bathroom users to slip and fall.

2. Bathtub

The bathtub in the bathroom generally has sharp elbows or corners at each end. This sharp angle often makes users often injured.

3. Bad illumination

4. Power Source

Electrical sources placed close to monkeys or other sources of air in bathrooms can be very dangerous. Because water is a conductor. Air and the flow of electricity can be very harmful to all living things in close proximity.


Tips to Avoid Accidents in the Bathroom

After knowing the main causes of bathroom accidents, it’s good if you also know the tips to avoid accidents that cause fatal risks. Here are the tips:

  • Use tiles with a rough surface

In order to avoid slipping and falling from the bathroom, it’s a good idea if your bathroom uses tiles with rough surfaces, one of which is porcelain tiles.

  • Use anti-slip rubber

If your bathroom tile already uses tiles with a slippery surface, then you can outsmart it by using anti-slip rubber

  • Use safety rail

You can also use safety rails for added security in the bathroom

  • Place the power source away from water and reach of children

In order not to be electrocuted, place the power outlet away from water sources and also reach children. If necessary, use a cover. You also need to be careful when using electronic equipment in the bathroom.

  • Furniture and glass layout

Put the shelves or glass in the correct position. Do not force to place large objects if your bathroom is small. The reason is, these objects can cause the risk of being hit or falling which will cause injury.


That’s the main cause and tips for you so you can avoid accidents in the bathroom. From now on, let’s start paying more attention to our safety wherever and whatever we do, including when we are in the bathroom. Stay safe, Sobat Vini!