• 2 NOVEMBER 2021
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Bathroom Inspiration with Marble Walls

In a residence, marble is usually used in a room that is often one of the centers for gathering with other residents of the house. The cold side of the marble surface is very suitable for use in rooms that want to show a cool impression. The use of marble material is also suitable for use in wet areas, such as bathrooms. Bathroom floors that are often wet can get mossy and make the user slip and even cause injury. Therefore, the bathroom is made with an attractive dry design, so that the residents of the house feel more comfortable and make the room neater.

Before installing marble, you must pay attention to the colors that match your bathroom concept. The inspiration for a bathroom with marble walls will give the impression of being spacious, if you use marble with bright colors, such as white, cream and black. The application of marble with gold or gold colors will create a patterned impression that will make your bathroom have a luxurious and elegant impression!

A bathroom using marble will look more classy like the bathroom design of a five-star hotel or villa. Marble motifs are usually installed to connect the floor to the wall or you can also combine bathroom floor tiles that match the marble on the walls. To make it look more luxurious, also equip your bathroom with a quality shower from @yuta.indonesia which has various characteristics, functions, advantages and is made of different materials according to your needs. Get Shower Yuta Official at your favorite market place @shopee_id @bukalapak @tokopedia @lazada @blibli @jd.id