• 1 FEBRUARY 2022
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Bathroom Design Inspiration

Maybe some of you think that the functionality of the bathroom is more important than its aesthetic value. But it turns out that the aesthetic value of the bathroom also needs to be considered because you do a lot of daily activities, such as bathing, etc. If you have a beautiful bathroom design, you will definitely feel happier when you have to move in the bathroom.


You can create a bathroom design with good functional and aesthetic values. And, you can still design a simple, simple, neat and well-maintained bathroom. Let’s look at the inspiration for bathroom designs that you can apply in your home!

  1. Bathroom with neat shelves and small sink
  2. Choose white to make it look clean
  3. Install a mirror to make it look spacious
  4. Choosing a bathroom floor that fits the design theme
  5. Play with some colors to make the bathroom more beautiful
  6. Adding wood elements to make it look natural


You can also apply the bathroom design inspiration even though you have a room that is not too wide. Congratulations on designing a simple but still cool and attractive bathroom! Don’t forget to use a shower or jet shower and other sanitary products from YUTA Indonesia which are guaranteed to make your bathroom cooler.