Hindari Kuman & Bakteri, Bersihkan Toiletmu!
  • 29 JULY 2022
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Avoid Germs & Bacteria, Clean Your Toilet!

A clean house is a source of healthy self and family conditions. One room in the house that is vulnerable to being neglected is the toilet. In fact, the toilet is one of the favorite places for bacteria and germs to nest.

Tips for Keeping Home Toilets Clean

From studies conducted, there are at least 100 million germs that are at risk of causing disease in a toilet. The condition of the toilet which is often humid is the reason why germs and bacteria feel at home to stop there. That’s why Sobat Vini, we have to pay special attention to toilets, one of which is of course diligently cleaning this area. Here are some tips that you can apply to clean the toilet at home:


1. Turn off the water to the toilet and drain it

This step is effective in dealing with the growth of algae, bacteria, and bacterial buildup. You can do this by closing the valve on the incoming water line. After that the toilet can be flushed until the tank is empty.

2. Clean any remaining piles and bacteria from the tank

The most effective way to get rid of bacteria in the toilet is with chlorine bleach. However, chlorine bleach is a dangerous chemical. If you will use chlorine bleach, don’t forget to wear gloves, safety glasses, and a protective mask. Make sure your bathroom vents are open, because bleach fumes can be irritating.

3. Routinely Spray Antiseptic

It’s a good idea for Sobat Vini to spray antiseptic medicine after every use. Antiseptic liquid that is sprayed regularly can reduce bacteria and germs that settle on the toilet.