Tips Menata Taman Rumah di Area Minim Lahan
  • 15 AUGUST 2022
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Arranging a Home Garden in a Low Land Area

The aesthetics of a residential house can not only be seen from the interior design in its space alone. Assessment of the beauty of the house can also be seen from the outside like a garden.


Tips for Arranging your Home Garden


Lately, making a garden at home often experiences problems due to limited land. Indeed, making a garden generally requires a large enough land. However, it is not impossible to create a beautiful garden at home with minimal land. Sobat Yuta can really create a simple garden at home that is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable with a variety of designs. Check out the following tips!


1. Garden on Small Land

If Sobat Yuta has really limited land, you can make a garden at your home as simple as using grass and ornamental plants. You can also place garden lights to beautify your garden lighting at night.

2. Choose Plants That Make the Display Look Fresh

To make your small garden look more alive, Sobat Yuta can plant grass combined with various types of palm plants. Palm plants will make the exterior of your home look fresher.

3. Add Mini Fountain

To display a garden that gives a cool and calm effect, Sobat Yuta can add a mini fountain in your small garden. You can make a simple DIY Fountain using a Vinyl Pipe.

4. Combining with Natural Stone

So that the appearance of Sobat Yuta’s garden at home looks more varied, you can add elements of natural stone combined with ornamental plants.


Those are some tips for arranging a garden at home that doesn’t have too much land. Don’t forget to equip the garden in your home with a water faucet, so you can take good care of your plants. You can use Yuta Bibcock products, quality faucet products. Get the product immediately at Vinilon Group Official in the marketplace!