• 1 JUNE 2022
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All About Sanitation

To maintain the standard of living and  in order to maintain a quality health status, we need to implement a good basic sanitation system. Sanitation itself is an effort that is carried out intentionally for the purpose of cultivating a clean life and to prevent humans from coming into direct contact with dirty & hazardous materials. This effort aims to maintain and improve human health.


By implementing good sanitation, hopefully it can reduce the potential for disease transmission to create a better level of public health. Basic sanitation itself is often associated with the level of spiritual and physical health of an individual. The better the environmental sanitation conditions, the better the health of individuals and communities in the environment.


Cleanliness referred to in sanitation itself includes aspects of land, water, air, or other objects around it. Sanitation consists of various types, the following are the types of sanitation:


  1. Basic sanitation
  2. Container based sanitation
  3. Community-based total sanitation
  4. Ecological sanitation
  5. Emergency Sanitation