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  • 26 SEPTEMBER 2022
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Advantages of Underground Electric Network

In addition to clothing, food, and shelter, in the current era of globalization, electricity seems to have become a basic need for mankind. Especially for those who live in urban areas. Electrical energy has a very large contribution in meeting various needs. With the existence of electrical energy, humans can easily carry out their daily activities. Such as doing household activities, working, to charging for communication and recreation purposes.

Electrical energy needs a medium to deliver its current to people’s homes. There are two types of electrical installation networks that we generally know, namely overhead power grid installations and underground electrical installations.

Underground electrical installation networks are now starting to be widely applied in various cities in Indonesia. One of them is in Kota Deltamas, Cikarang, West Java. If you visit this city, you will not find rows of electric poles along the road. This is due to the power grid that has been embedded underground.

This underground power network is applied by developers because it has the following advantages:


1. Weatherproof

With the installation of cables embedded underground, this will make the electricity network more resistant to the risk of damage caused by bad and extreme weather such as scorching heat, strong winds, heavy rain, or lightning strikes. Electrical wiring installations that are embedded underground will also be more resistant to other external factors.

2. Minimal Magnetic Radiation

Because it is held back by additional shielding, underground cable installations will have less magnetic radiation compared to overhead cabling installations.

3. More Durable

Underground electrical installations will be more durable because the service life limit is twice that of overhead lines.

4. Aesthetically Superior

Because of its existence that is embedded underground, this type of electrical installation will certainly make the surrounding area look neater and more beautiful.


Those are some of the advantages of an underground power grid. In Kota Deltamas itself, the cable for the electricity network uses HDPE Pipe Cables from the Vinilon Group!