• 15 NOVEMBER 2023
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44 Years Building the Nation, Vinilon Presents ‘The Colourful Journey’

Vinilon Group has accompanied the journey of the Indonesian nation for 44 years. Year after year, it has grown and flourished to the present day. Originating from a small shop in Kenari Market, Jakarta, on October 26, 1973, Vinilon Group has now successfully become the largest manufacturer and distributor of piping systems in Indonesia.

In celebration of Vinilon’s 44th anniversary, Vinilon Group embraces the theme “Embrace Your Colors,” inspired by the multitude of colors Vinilon brings, where all differences, from ethnicity, race, culture, skin color, to opinions, unite within Vinilon Group. Additionally, these various colors also represent “The Colourful Journey” of Vinilon over the past 44 years. By adopting the theme “Embrace Your Colors,” Vinilon Group brings creativity and spirit to a shared purpose.

The theme “Embrace Your Colors” is chosen to depict Vinilon Group as daring, bold to advance, and pioneering innovation. Considering its 44-year history, Vinilon Group continues to thrive in building the Indonesian nation.

The event held at the Vinilon Group Head Office was attended by Waluyo Susanto, Founder of Vinilon Group, Sandy Susanto, CEO of Vinilon Group, and other members of the board of directors. The activities included ribbon-cutting, cake-cutting, communal meals with all Vinilon members, a fashion show, a talent show, and many other exciting agendas. The high enthusiasm from all V-people who participated in the event made this birthday celebration very enjoyable and unified the entire Vinilon community.

Moreover, there’s something special at Vinilon’s 44th-anniversary celebration. In this moment, Vinilon Group introduced its latest initiative, a customer care system named “HaloVini.” “HaloVini” emerges as the latest solution, serving as a personal, comprehensive, and innovative customer care system designed to provide support and assistance to Vinilon Group customers.

As Vinilon Group turns 44, the hope is for it to advance further in line with Vinilon’s goals and seize the best opportunities in the future. Similarly, we will continue to strive to be at the forefront of digital implementation, product development, and innovation. Because Vinilon Group must always be part of the generation that is #strongandflexible!