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We are Vinilon Group


Vinilon Group is a leading manufacturer and distributor of HDPE and uPVC piping systems also PVC pipes brand in Indonesia. Our commitment as a contributor in the preparation of SNI (Indonesian National Standards) - formerly known as SII (Indonesian Industrial Standards) - which refers to ISO. We continuously innovate high-quality products to provide the best and increase customer satisfaction.

About Us

Vinilon About
Water Transmission & Distribution
Fire Protection
Oil & Gas
Chemical & Petrochemical

Vinilon Group provides products for every industrial application.

For every industrial application such as water transmission and distribution, fire protection, oil and gas, steam, chemical and petrochemical, and electricity, Vinilon Group provides a wide range of pipe products, accessories, valve and sanitary.

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Vinilon Group provides the best and most complete range of piping system products according to your needs.

Committed to be the best piping system support company, Vinilon Group provides various piping system products from upstream to downstream.